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Happy Times Hammock Tree Straps - 2 Pack, Polyester

$ 25.00

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Happy Times Polyester Hammock Tree Straps (2 Pack) are 5 ft. length x 2 in. width, 10 loops, made from polyester seat belt material and tested to hold a weight capacity of 650 lbs. when used together. 

Why are Happy Times Tree Straps made from Polyester instead of Nylon? Polyester is a stronger material and will not stretch like nylon. Polyester will hold more weight and not begin to sag or lose strength during long hours of hammocking.

Why are Happy Times Tree Straps made 2" wide and not 1" wide like many other tree straps available for your hammock? Any tree straps made less than 2" wide pose as a major danger to your tree's bark. 2" wide straps will not cut into your trees over time, as 1" straps will cut and tear your tree's bark. Bark is very important to the health of trees. Be tree friendly hammockers! 

  • Polyester material is mildew/weather resistant to rain/sun exposure. 
  • 10 loop system; S-hooks and O-rings are not needed.
  • Great for any type of hammock or tree swing, but also very useful for storing heavy items such as bicycles, canoes and kayaks, and other equipment around your home.
  • Includes nylon storage bag.

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