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Happy Times Handmade Tie Dye Hammocks

You are unique and your personal hammock should be too! This hammock is personally tie dyed so it is one of a kind. If one of these hammocks is for you act fast because once it's gone, it's gone! 

Each hammock goes through hours of TLC starting with mixing each hammock's dye colors, a one hour process of massaging the dye into the nylon, then sets air tight for 12 hours for maximum moisture dye absorption into the nylon, then hand washed to remove the loose dye from the fabric, and finally set to air dry. Presto! Your hammock was born!

Best of all, your hammock is Made in the USA. The fabric is sourced, purchased, cut, and sewn in the USA. The tie dye process is done in the USA, and the dye powder is made in the USA. 100% Made in the USA.